White Flower Wedding Veil Pet Hair Clip


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Every Bride can use a sidekick on their big day. Have your furry BFF walk down aisle with you in style. Our beautiful three layered soft white tulle veil features a crown of satin white roses at the top with a spring locked barrette clip. The Veil can be worn in a traditional style on the top of your pets head, in the fur between their ears or attach it to their collar. 

An absolute must have for your order wedding day and party photos! 

Veil Sizes:


  • Length (crown to bottom edge): 10”
  • Width (across bottom edge): 14”


  • Length (crown to bottom edge): 12”
  • Width (across bottom edge): 16”


  • Length (crown to bottom edge): 14”
  • Width (across bottom edge): 18”


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