Watercolour Wet on Wet Paper



This is thick A3 sized water colour parchment.  It has a ‘tooth’ and is ideal for wet on wet painting.  Wet painting allows children to experience the wonder of colour.  Simply soak the paper and apply the watercolour paints.  Watch how the colour runs, bleeds and behaves on the paper.

With small children and beginners, try setting them up with the primary colours (red, yellow and blue) or even with one colour.  Too many colours can become dirty quickly as the child wants to mix and match the colours in the jars.  Brilliant primary colours can make every colour in the spectrum as they bleed into and overtake each other at the edges.  

Colour is tremendously exciting and like all activities involving quality ingredients requires ritual and reverence to ensure the child is prepared, unhurried and present.

We recommend you use Stockmar watercolour paints.  Have fun!