The Sun Egg


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The Sun Egg
(Large Edition)
Elsa Beskow

A mysterious orange egg has fallen into the woods. It’s a sun egg! declares the elf who finds it nestled on the forest floor. Soon she and her friends find out what it really is, but not before the little elf goes off on one of the best adventures she has ever had. 

The protagonist has a gift for adventure and a love of all things beautiful.

‘There was once a small elf who lived in the hollow tree in the woods.  She loved dancing.  In the Spring, she danced a welcome-back-sun dance; in the Autumn, a swirling-yellow-leaves dance and in the Winter, a falling-snow dance.  She would dance until she was so tired that she would crawl into her tree and fall asleep….’

(Ages 3-9)

Elsa Beskow, an author and illustrator of children’s books, was perhaps the best known of all Swedish children’s book artists. Her books are continually reprinted, and many are classics. She also illustrated ABC books and songbooks for Swedish schools.

Hardcover (24 X 30cm)
Floris Books
20 pages