Supporting the Sense of Life, Nurturing the well being in young children and the adults who care for them


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This collection of keynote lectures from the WECAN Annual East Coast Conference 2014-2016 offers keenly observed and researched insights on how to assist the development of children’s comfortable orientation in the world.

It also explores how educators and caregivers can support and strengthen their own sense of well-being.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Nancy Blanning
The Elixirs of Life by Susan Weber
Observing Life Sense Development by Ruth Ker
The Early Childhood Setting
How can we support the health of the developing life sense?
How can we actively set about developing our own soul-spiritual capacities?
What is earthly and cosmic nutrition?
Enlivening the Life Forces: Lessons from The Donkey by Patricia Rubano
Nurturing the Sense of Life and Well-Being by Adam Blanning, M.D.
Looking at Our Own Sleep Patterns to a Picture of this Pathway
The Life Sense from the Perspective of Point and Periphery by Barbara Baldwin
The Life Sense in Life
Point and Periphery Becomes Circle and Point in Curative Education
The Social Aspect of Point and Periphery
The Health of the Senses
Selected Bibliography and Recommended Resource