Sphagni Lavender Oil – For Calming and Promoting Rest


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Sphagnis are peat moss and plant oil emulsions used externally as a moisturiser to envelop the user in a protective cocoon, helping withstand and protect against
outside influences.

Rudolf Steiner spoke of a time when we would need extra protection from external stimuli and influences. He suggested that this protection could be provided by Sphagnum or Peat Moss.

Sphagni Lavendulae

is used to calm an over-active nervous system and bring one back to oneself for a feeling of balance and calm when everything feels like it is on red-alert and all the senses are heightened.

Great for using before going into an intense situation and equally effective to help avoid a situation from becoming intense.

Cooling to the upper pole, or nervous system, Sphagni Lavendulae provides a space for breathing out and gathering oneself back within ones boundaries.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Aqua Sphagni, Lanolin, Wool Alcohol, Ethanol, Sea Weed Extract, Lavender Essential Oil

Comes in a 50ml bottle. 

Made in careful small handmade batches.