Sphagni Citri Oil – For Cooling and Uplifting Vitality


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Sphagnis are peat moss and plant oil emulsions used externally as a moisturiser to envelop the user in a protective cocoon, helping withstand and protect against
outside influences.

Rudolf Steiner spoke of a time when we would need extra protection from external stimuli and influences. He suggested that this protection could be provided by Sphagnum or Peat Moss.

Sphagni Citri Lemon

or lemon, has cooling and mediating properties.  Its cooling properties will hold back the warmth process, uplifting and bring balance where an abundance of the warmth process has sapped ones vitality.  Use in summer to help awaken and revitialise.

To connect to the effect of Citri, recall the taste of the lemon. It draws you back in, providing a boundary and the space needed for readjustment and transition.  Like Rosemary, it is uplifting but without the added strength that Rosemary’s extra warmth brings.

                                                                                                                                        TEXT BY ANNETTE BATCHELOR

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Aqua Sphagni, Lanolin, Wool Alcohol, Ethanol, Sea Weed Extract, Lemon Essential Oil

Made in careful small handmade batches.