Sky Surfer – Airplane Launcher Kit


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Pathfinders, the world leaders in not-so-random hurling devices, has launched its latest kit – the over the top (of the shelf) Sky Surfer Airplane Launcher.
A fun building kit and then you are off to launch airplanes of all types! Included is paper and card stock, and some clay for balancing your new plane designs. There is also a detailed booklet about plane designs, aerodynamic theories, and the history of paper airplane (which you may find surprising!).
The worlds coolest airplane launcher, tested in science centers across this nation and with kids of all ages – has arrived! 
Great indoors or outside, this kit will launch planes from 10 to 50 feet – and more (especially if you are standing near a cliff, and the plane goes over…)
Make your STEM aerodynamics programs super cool and interesting with this easy to use launcher that makes science even more fun!