Rowan of Rin – Rowan of the Bukshah


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This is the Fifth book in the Rowan of Rin Series –  Rowan of the Bukshah

This series is on Dragonfly’s Top must read list for any 8 – 10 year old with advanced imaginary perception and love of adventure.

‘The hunger will not be denied, 

The hunger must be satisfied.’

The witch Sheba has spoken, and Rowan knows he has no choice but to obey.  The coldest winter in living memory is destroying the people of Rin, and he must do what he can to obey them.  Rowan is afraid as he sets out on the most terrifying quest of his life, her final words ringing in his ears.

“Only you can do what must be done … everything you have learned until how has been preparation for this moment”

Author – Emily Rodda

Published by Scholastic

Paperback, 137 pages.