Rowan of Rin – Rowan and the Zebak



This is the Fourth book in the Rowan of Rin Series –  Rowan and the Zebak.

This series is on Dragonfly’s Top must read list for any 8 – 10 year old with advanced imaginary perception and love of adventure.

Five strange fingers
form fate’s hand,
Each plays its part
at fate’s command.


Rowan’s adventures are riveting, with plot twists sufficient to keep the outcome in doubt until the final pages.

– American Library Association Booklist

Emily Rodda maintains her high standard of mystery and intrigue… This inspiring tale, with clearly defined characters, has present-day parallels of war, greed, brainwashing and humanitarian values.

– CBA Judges report, Reading Time

– School Library Journal

Author – Emily Rodda

Published by Scholastic

Paperback, 170 pages.