Roman Onager Science Kit


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The Roman Onager is a version of a Mangonel which uses a sling bucket to launch.
The Onager was a powerful siege engine used by the Roman army during the late Roman Empire in battle and to lay siege to city walls and fortifications in their territories around the Mediterranean Sea and beyond. Its name comes from the Latin word for “wild ass” – when it launched its payload it would have had a strong recoil kick resembling the native donkey of Persia (who knew?).
This Onager re-creates the way in which torsion-powered siege engines worked, and can fire a small clay ball (included) and other soft projectiles over 15 feet! Like all Pathfinders’ kits, it is a fun and interesting build and it really works!

Model size 40cm long x 28 cm high

A wonderful learning aide to studying Roman history and culture. 


Made ethically in Taiwan

Suitable for ages 14+