Ramen Noodle Cup Snuffle Nose Work Puzzle Dog Toy



Teaching a pup to use their nose is a vital part of puppy training and development. Even as dog mature, giving them interactive dog puzzles is a great way to challenge and strengthen their mental capabilities. Also, puzzle toys helps owners and dogs bond and build a stronger relationship, which is rooted in successful training and obedience.

The Ramen Noodle Cup Snuffle Nose Work Dog Puzzle Toy is made to help your pup use their nose to find hidden treats inside the cup. The snuffle puzzle toy features a cup filled with shoelace noodles and connected plush veggies. Insert your dog’s favorite treat bites to encourage their efforts and keep them interested. The cup has a magnetic lid to keep the noodles and treats inside the until they are “snuffled” out by your dog. Add an additional “seek and find” variation, by hiding the treat filled puzzle toy in another room and let your dog find it with their nose.


As always, please supervise your pet while playing with toys of all sizes.