Peter In Blueberry Land – Mini



Peter is looking for blueberries on his mother’s birthday and he can’t find a single one. Suddenly, he feels a light tap on his shoe – and Peter finds himself in the land of the Blueberry King where the inhabitants are so small that blueberry’s are picked like apples and mice are ridden like horses. Peter also meets Mrs. Cranberry and her daughters who occupy themselves polishing cranberries which they cook in a pot with honey. Eventually, it is time to go home and the Blueberry Kingdom seems to be only a dream – or was it?

This is a gorgeous little mini edition of a perennial favorite. For reading aloud from age 3, and reading alone for age 8 and up.

Author: Elsa Beskow
Book (Hardcover)
Floris Books
12.5 cm × 17.5 cm
32 pages