Pelle’s Knight Game


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Pelle’s Knight Game presents a simple fun board game for the brave. Each player is expected to commence their adventure at the ‘Start’ disc. Roll the dice and progress around the board trying to avoid the 8 discs that result in a missed turn. Landing on number 1 you will miss a turn as you visit the doctor. Number 2 presents a hazard whereby you miss a turn waiting for the horse to move from your path. Number 3 you fight the black Knight and therefore miss a turn. Number 4 you see a skeleton, ahhh and you are so scared you jump forward several places. Number 5 sees you stopping off for a drink and you miss a turn. Arriving at Number 6 you trip over the Knight’s spear and miss a turn. Number 7 presents tragedy, you burn yourself on the dragons flame and are forced back to number 1 to visit the doctor for help. Number 8, man’s best friend wants some attention so you miss a turn as you stop to pat the puppy. You are close to the end now, no more obstacles and you can continue to the end.