Opinel Forest Activity Junior Knife




These are the latest knives by Opinel in the range for kids.  This Opinel knife is perfect for bush/forest crafts activities. The round tip helps minimise puncture injuries but is ideal for whittling,scouting/bush school activities, cubby building and exploring the outdoors. The ergonomic shaped handle ensure that it remains comfortable even with extended use. The handle of the knife come fitted with a lanyard hole so it can be hung around the neck for carrying it around. Really well designed for the outdoors, it comes with an emergency stress whistle built into the handle. Despite, being designed with children in mind, this is a real tool and the blade is still sharp so adult supervision is recommended at all times.  

Opinel is a company that have manufactured high quality wooden handled knives since 1890 in France. They still make some of the best quality wooden handled knives today. 

Made in France. 

Children are at risk of injury when using knives or cutters without adult supervision. It is illegal to sell knives to persons under 18 years – please do not purchase this product if you are under 18 years of age.  Additional restrictions may apply for carrying or concealing a knife in public.  Please consult your state and territory laws.

Knives when used appropriately allow for extraordinary creative expression, mastery and craftsmanship.  Please take care as you become familiar with knives.

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