Norse Mythology


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Charles Kovacs’ curriculum notes are so wonderful – it is a recurring joy to browse through them and to see new titles appear.  There is no doubt in my mind that he has planted seeds of hope for our children and the world.

In this newest collection of Norse Myths, Kovacs beautifully retells the stories of 19 of the Norse gods (including Freya, Thor, Odin, Loki and many more), 4 of the great Sagas (Nibelung, Gudrune, Frithiof, and Kvasir) and the 3 key stories of the Twilight of the Gods (“The Death of Baldur,” “Loki’s Punishment,” and “Ragnarok”).  The sweep of these stories if read in order paints a heartfelt picture of the flourishing and fall of an age where giants and gods strode across the earth itself.  To read it is to apprehend anew the heartbeat of Norse mythology.

Used in Grade 4 within the Waldorf curriculum.