Magical Wonder Tales | King Beetle Tamer and Other Stories


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Magical Wonder Tales is the newly revised edition of Isabel Wyatt‘s classic book, King Beetle Tamer, popular with generations of Waldorf families and teachers.

Orfeo’s mother decides that if he he is to become king, he must sleep outside. So Orfeo sleeps outside in the meadow and becomes friends with animals, birds, insects, and beetles.

One day, Orfeo agrees to help a black crow return a princess’s ruby ring and his adventures begin!

“King Beetle Tamer” is one of 15 magical stories in this collection which are sure to transport a child’s imagination to faraway places with stories of magic, unicorns, fairies, gold coins, and heroic deeds.

A wonderful chapter book for children age 7 and up that makes great bedtime reading.


by Isabel Wyatt
Floris Books
150 pages