Listen to the Land – Stories and Songs for Children by Annie Bryant


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Annie’s newest creation is so full of joy and brimming with life and love for the world we live in. If you are looking for something to warm these cooler days, Annie’s stories and songs are the perfect accompaniment. Think pyjama days, cosy socks soups and cups of tea. 

Once upon a time, in a little valley, at the foot of a great mountain, there lived a tree…..”

Listen to the Land: Stories & songs for children is a collection of 7 songs and 6 audio stories, each one celebrating a child’s sensory connection to the natural world, farm life, growing food and caring for the earth.

What ancient secrets lie hidden within Gran’s old story tin? Will wombat ever really take to farm life? And can Molly & Poppy create their own farm in the middle of the city? From the magic of bees to hardworking mother hen, from traditional farming to bustling permaculture gardens, from green rolling hills to wild bushland – Listen to the Land explores our connection to Mother Earth, inviting everyone – big & little – to find our own ways to listen. 

This is the fifth album from storyteller and songwriter Annie Bryant and is filled with even more heartwarming tales and sing-along family folk songs. Total run time 73 minutes