Liewood Gary Puzzle Cube- Safari/Golden Caramel Multi Mix



What is it…

Liewood Luigi Tool Set – Blue Multi Mix

Why we love it…

You little one will love this cute Classic wooden puzzle cube by Liewood, It has safari themed bricks for keeping your little one busy – made to last generations.

Need to know...

  • Material: 100% beech wood
  • Size: Box: H 15 cm W 15 cm L 15 cm Square: H 3,6 cm W 3,6 cm D 3,6 cm Star: W 5 cm D 3,6 cm Circle: W 4,5 cm D 3,6 cm Exagon: W 4,6 cm D 3,6 cm Triangle: H 4,1 cm W 4,7 cm D 3,6 cm Oval: W 3,5 cm L 5 cm D 3,6 cm
  • Colour: Safari/golden caramel multi mix
  • Care instructions: Clean with damp cloth