Katy’s Christmas Gift



Katy sets out in the snow to bring gifts to the new baby born in the innkeeper’s stable: a loaf of bread, her hat Sasha and most importantly, her favourite toy – a wooden bird whistle.

As the snow gets deeper and she gets colder, Katy wonders whether she’ll ever have the chance to give her gift to the baby?

One snowy, Snowy December evening, Katy and her mother were setting hte table together.

“Mama,” said Katy, “when i took the eggs to the innkeeper today, I saw a man and a woman at the door of the inn, looking very tired.”

‘Poor people,” said her mother.  “It’s hard to travel in this winter weather”

“The innkeeper didn’t have room for them, but he let them stay in his stable,” said Katy, who liked the idea of sleeping on hay bales near all the warm drowsy animals…’

A heart warming version of the Christmas story.

Written and Illustrated by Bernadette Watts

34 pages
Suitable for ages 3-6.