IQ Training Toy and Slow Feeder Pet Puzzle Bowl



From Puppies to Seniors and even Cats too, this pet toy equals hours of fun for everyone. The IQ Training Toy and Slow Feeder Pet Puzzle Bowl is an interactive learning toy that also promotes healthy eating. Sometimes interactive pet toys can get boring or don’t dispense treats properly, which lose your pets interest. This Feeder Pet Puzzle Bowl solves both those issues by continuously engaging your pet and rewarding them for their cleverness every spin of the wheel. Your pet will love it!


  • Adjustable arms customize height to accommodate all pet sizes
  • Rolling wheel design promotes problem solving and nose work
  • Puzzle bowl base controls eating speed and promotes healthy digestion
  • Spin fins on roller have rounded edges and is safe for any pet to use
  • Large and small food dispensing holes regulate how fast food is dispensed
  • Anti-slip pads on bottom of base prevent slipping  while in use
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Easy to clean parts, dishwasher safe


  • Overall: 13″ (L) x 12″ (W)
  • Minimum Height: 7″
  • Maximum Height: 11″


NOTE: Always supervise your pet while playing with toys to ensure their safety.