Gradient Holographic Cat Collar with Bell




Keeping your pet safe doesn’t mean they have to wear a boring collar. Try our Ombré Holographic Small Pet Collar with Bell. This collar is reflective in the dark, so your pet can be seen walking at night or in the house in the dark. During the day the holographic collar band shimmers in the light with an affixed rhinestone rivet and silver bell. The collar is secured with silver buckles for an adjustable fit. The collar is padded underneath with a reflective white scalloped edge band for comfort and safety. This luxe design is perfect for small dogs and cats. It’s also a perfect gift for a pet lover! 

One Size:

  • Fits Pet Necks between 8” – 12” 

 Colors Available:

  •  Holographic Ombré Lavender
  • Holographic Grey Gradient

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