Classic stacking toy – Bio Assortment



These soft colours are standard within the Bio assortment selectionw with their non toxic and ecological food grade dyes.

This is a Classic Stacking toy made out of wood and standing 12 cm high by 8 cm wide with a total of 5 rings to create a tapering cone or any number of creative combinations.  This toy is a great from around 14 to 18 months onwards.

Part of the NIC Organic Toys range.  Made to fit comfortably in the hands of a baby and toddler. The colours that used in this teething ring are a soft pastel rainbow hue dyed with plant based pigments. Because it is not treated with heavy paints or lacquer, you can feel the natural grain of the wood. Made from the FSC from FSC/PEFC certified wood, treated with natural oils, mostly linseed or castor oil.

Made in Germany