Bedtime Storytelling: A Collection for Parents


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Many people say they can’t tell stories, but Betrys Lockie us a firm believer that everyone can;it just takes a little practice. What is so special about telling stories to children? Your arms are free to make gestures, or give a hug. And above all, you have eye contact and can respond to your child’s reactions.

This collection of classic tales includes advice on how to tell stories to children: how to establich a routine and create a mood; how to invlove children and personalise your tales. The stories are suitable for children aged from three to seven years old. Many are old favorouites-tales about magical creatures and exotic animals as well as stories from everyday life and some of Betry’s own stories.

This collection includes: The Little Jug, The Mitten (Any Room for Me?), The Tomten, The Star Child, How the Zebra got it’s Stripes and King Grizzly Beard.

Published by Floris Books
152 pages.