Alkena Beeswax Clay Blend 200gm – Brown


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A natural modelling clay from Switzerland made from a combination of pure beeswax natural fillers and natural colored clay. It is softer to use than pure beeswax yet requires more will force and active participation than plasticines. Unlike pure clay Alkena with its added beeswax stays pliable when exposed to air and can be remoulded again and again.

In a therapeutic setting it engages and strengthens the will forces in active doing. Where there is too much nervous activity it provides an outlet through occupying the hands. In the office and the boardroom it is an effective de stressor.

As the clay is mixed with beeswax it can be very hard in cold environments.  A lovely way to soften the clay is to place on a hot water bottle and then allow children to kneed the clay to transfer their own body heat into the clay.