3 min Quick Dry Hair Towel


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✅Micro Fiber Absorb Moisture Quickly?
✅Just Warp and Wait 3-5 Minutes?
✅Saves Time for Skin Care Steps?‍♀️

Does it take you too long to dry your hair? Shorten it out with the 3 min Quick Dry Hair Towel!

Ditch the standard way of drying hair through rubbing with conventional towels! You spend so long on hair drying alone. Instead, get the 3 min Quick Dry Hair Towel that shortens drying time into half. It is made from microfibers that quickly absorbs moisture for healthier and anti-frizz hair.


  • QUICKLY DRIES HAIR – This hair towel cuts out the duration of your hair drying time! It quickly dries hair and absorbs moisture. This time-saving product is a must-have for everyone with long hair!

  • EXTREMELY SOFT & ABSORBENT – It is made of microfiber fabric that creates a massive surface area to instantly absorb moisture

  • HEALTHIER & ANTI-FRIZZ HAIR – This product is the most delicate and gentle way to dry up your hair. It eliminates the hassle of rubbing, reducing friction and damage. Results in healthier, bouncier, and anti-frizz hair.

  • SUITS ALL HAIR TYPES – From curls, straight, frizzy, colored, thick, or thin, this hair towel suits all hair types!



  • Size: 25 x 65cm

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