2cm Fleece-Lined Foot Insole


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With the 2cm Fleece-Lined Foot Insole, you can now move with ultimate warmth and comfort in any shoe no matter the weather!

Lined with premium fleece to retain the internal temperature at 113°F (45°C), these insoles can warm your frozen feet up in seconds!

The ultra-thick fleece lining also acts as a shock absorber to take off the pressure from your stressed feet. Effectively relieves soreness and prevents calluses and corns, keeping your feet soft and smooth all the time.


? Excellent Cold Insulation
Lined with premium wool to deliver ultimate warmth at 113°F (45°C) for your frozen feet no matter the weather! Now you can enjoy outdoor adventures with this warming insole!

? Ultra-Thick 2cm Fleece Lining
Pampers your tired feet with softness and comfort.

? Reduces Friction & Prevents Calluses
The 2cm fleece lining acts as a bouncy shock absorber to take off the pressure from your stressed feet while moving. Fewer frictions prevent calluses and corns, making your every step more comfortable.

? Anti-Odor Layer
Wicks away sweat and neutralize even stubborn smells. The bamboo layer naturally neutralizes even stubborn smells, perfect for both men and women!

? Boosts Blood Circulation 
Helps to manage your body temperature, relieve pain & soreness and improve swelling.

? Anti-Scratch & Durable 
One pair of 2cm Fleece-Lined Foot Insole keep your feet warm and cozy through the winter!


  • Material: fleece
  • Thickness: 2.2 cm


  • 1 pair x 2cm Fleece-Lined Foot Insole

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