147 Traditional Stories for Primary School Children to Retell


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Here is the perfect collection for any teacher who needs a sourcebook of great traditional stories for children aged 5-11 to work from. This book is a handy one-stop shop of 147 stories to retell, with an index linking all the stories to topics, values, plot types, genre, age group and country of origin. The stories come with extensive sources and alternate print and web versions for teachers to use when working with the stories. All are written in the storyteller’s voice, for easy retelling by teachers and students. Stories come with tips for telling and may be photocopied within the school.

Chris Smith developed the Storytelling Schools’ learning model, ‘Where children learn to be storytellers’ over ten years working with schools. He chose this collection in response to teachers’ requests for appropriate stories so that children can learn to retell stories as a powerful way of learning.

The collection is the first companion book to The Storytelling School: Handbook for Teachers.

“I thoroughly recommend this book. Chris is a master storyteller and each story is a gem. Children become so deeply involved in the language of stories that they can’t wait to write their own!” —Dee Bleach, Headteacher of Mayflower Primary School London E14

“…choose from this collection of 147 stories to inject a little mystery, heart, excitement, awe and wonder back into your classroom.” —Martine Horvath in Early Years Educator, vol 16

“I love this book! I have a copy at my desk, one by my bed and another in my work bag.”—Adam Guillain, Facts and Fiction